João Ferreira

awesome python/php programmer, developer, problem solver, information analysis expert, iot firmware developer, lover of life, exploring the limits of unknown.

at the moment, i write words that control computers to tell other computers what to do.

About me

I am an outgoing and energetic IT professional. If information is power, I can bring world domination to your organization.
“Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris.” - Larry Wall
"If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter how fast it doesn't work." - Mich Ravera

@ home
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@ work
agile oop php SQL mvc jquery css html5 memcache d3.js ajax node.js data visualization information aesthetics business intelligence intranet saas information mapping data mining information analysis information phpstorm perl as3 javascript nodejs c mobile api database cloud test ux security websockets python firmware uml xml responsability multitasking organization flexibility planning team work adapt multicultural communication optimize usability speed integration code


João Ferreira is a well-rounded professional software developer with over twenty years experience developing and maintaining a wide variety of information systems for large international corporations and government departments. João’s specialties are working with business experts, designing technical and non-technical solutions to meet the needs of the business, optimize high demanding/performance database systems, crafting and implementing development processes, data visualization/mapping, information aesthetics, interactive visualization, information analysis, data mining and leading teams to deliver (data driven) software. He is also a very skilled programmer.

Portfolio(last updated: 2013)

  • SiGMA-i

    Data visualization tool.

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  • PowerDIC

    Complete Information System for a government police agency

    View it

  • SIAK

    Anti-Corruption Tool for a governament agency.

    View it

  • Armazem

    Warehouse data collector.

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  • WebShots

    Taking shots of the web.

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  • Gmap

    Using Google maps API and IP Geolocation.

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    Previous version of this website.

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My Skills


Awesomness level

There's a good part of computer science that's a lot like magic. There's a bad part of computer science that's a lot like religion. - Hal Abelson

Awesome coding skills

I like to think of myself as more a "researcher" than an "engineer" - so, really changing my attitude towards coding and caring about the little things was a big deal for me.

Working on improving my skills

Learning to code well is a long and slow process. It is something that you have to develop over the years in a very deliberate fashion. There may be other ways of doing it but this is the only one that I have seen working.

Check out some of my soft skills

  • 80/100NodeJS
  • 80/100pyGIS
  • 80/100WordPress
  • 50/100Magento
  • 90/100User Experience
  • 90/100User Interface Design
  • 95/100OOP
  • 75/100Web Design
  • 75/100Team Work
  • 60/100Mobile Aplications
  • 85/100Web Aplications
  • 60/100Cloud Computing
  • 90/100Windows
  • 90/100OSX
  • 80/100Linux
  • 70/100Unix
  • 90/100iOS
  • 90/100Android
  • 90/100Lazyness
  • 70/100Java
  • 60/100ActionScript 3
  • 65/100Adobe Tools
  • 95/100Usability
  • 90/100Information Systems
  • 85/100Case Management
  • 85/100Workflow
  • 85/100Google API
  • 70/100Facebook API
  • 70/100Paypal API
  • 60/100Twitterl API
  • 80/100Internet of Things
  • 75/100Project Management
  • 75/100Raspeberry Pi
  • 75/100Arduino
  • 75/100ESP8266
  • 75/100Websockets
  • 80/100QGIS
  • 85/100Web Applications for TOR network


Lets keep in touch

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Contact info

  • Email:
  • Website: This one.
  • Phone/whatsapp: ask me.
  • wechat: joaofgf
  • Skype: joaofgf (I don't use it very much, though)